Internet Theft     In the past I have been vocal on the abuses of P2P file sharing and pirated music. Now the problem has become exponentially worse. You, the thieving hordes of the World Wide Web, have crossed from sharing and “swapping” audio files to sharing information. Hundreds upon hundreds of personal websites, known […]

Regimen 1: Popcorn Fetch Mickey is apparently serious about losing some weight in 2003. Usually I’m only contacted to defibrillate him or — and I’m not proud of this — to help pull him out of his shower stall. So you can guess my shock when he called me up today and actually asked me […]

    Yo, sports fans.     I don’t think Mickey will be doing any typing today. I showed up for our weekly session and it looks like he’s out cold. It’s nothing to be alarmed about. I’ve seen it before. As his physical therapist, I would hazard the guess that he’s in a tryptophan […]

    What is up. My name is Hilary Rosen, CEO of the Recording Industry of America, and from time to time I will be “hacking” into websites such as this — using the tools legally entitled us through the Berman P2P bill — so that I can talk directly to users of The Online […]

    Today marks the one week anniversary of when SFG Online crashed. Looking back, I think that guy who hacks into my site is right. I probably shouldn’t be using “password” as my password. This site obviously needs to be more secure. Leo Laporte on The Screen Savers suggests using a combination of letters […]

I guess I should apologize since it sounds like I knocked down your web sight. I got to thinking I missed some of those Nicole Kidman pictures of yours & I guess while I was logged into your hard drive something must have went wrong. I guess I should’ve been more careful but you should […]

I was enjoying this glimpse into the web log community, but this latest rash of hateful and abusive language has me appalled. If this is the tenore of speech on the Internet, I might as well give this computer back to that short fat guy guy. So thank you, you hurtful and hateful people. Because […]

There are some derrogatorry comments in that chat thing at the bottom of the screen. A so-called random troublemaker wrote: [censored] you pig! We want SFG back! ATTICA ATTICA! Free Huey! Obviously this sort of slanderous and abusive talk can not and will not be tolerated. I notice by your IP address, random troublemaker, that […]

I have to admit I’m enjoying this computer stuff. There’s definately a shortage of smut around here (alot of pictures of Nicole Kidman tho), but this Mickey guy must be quite the playa. I mean, he gets emails all the time from these college coed roomates. They’ve just set up a webcam and they keep […]