The above image is a microscopic view of St Pauli Girl beer, taken from a site called Microscopy. (It was the Martin Sargent’s “Site of the Nite” for Tech TV on May 28, but I only learned about it today.)
    Researchers at Florida State University have taken “photomicrographs” of various objects and elements. As it turns out, they’ve documented many foods; so, for our purposes here, we can arrange these into the various courses of an informal meal.
    For starters, why not a cocktail or two? Then we can dig into our burger and fries with some vegetables on the side.
    For our beverages we have beer or wine — or perhaps you’d prefer a soft drink.
    Then, for dessert, there’s ice cream
    Not only is that very filling, it’s also quite colorful.
    By the way, they’ve compiled a much more detailed list of beers from around the world. And you can also peruse their full list of photo galleries.

It’s too much of a cliché to write “Best. Site. Ever.” So I’ll simply say that this site is hypnotic.
    I just can’t look away!   Behold the Fairy Dance*

    * Sorry. I only recently viewed this page with audio. I didn’t know it had that annoyingly sped-up song in the background.
    Does Roger Miller’s estate know his music is being treated so crudely? Since, as I’m sure you already know, the song is called “Whistle-Stop” and was featured in Disney’s animated Robin Hood (1973).

They used to call it a Big Mac Attack. It seems nothing will be keep people from going to McDonald’s, as evidenced by these two news stories. First there’s this man, who wanted McDonald’s so bad he didn’t bother putting on pants and was arrested for indecent exposure. Or this three-year-old who would not take “No” for answer and left his house to go walking to a McDonald’s. (A passing motorist, Chester Pryor, stopped to help the boy across the street. “The boy didn’t know his address or his parents’ names,” the article reads. “He just kept leading Pryor down the sidewalk. ‘When we got to McDonald’s, he said, “We made it, we made it,”‘ Pryor said.” Kind of touching, in a way.)
    And dang it, now I made myself hungry!
    P.S. Here’s today’s expression of the day. Hats off to for referring to Fark users as “The Great Unlaid”.

I’m full of pork-fried rice and unable to concentrate on a new entry. So why not post several. For starters, how about Battle of the Debbies, as two Debbies submit competing pork-fried rice recipes (now that I’ve mentioned it)

From Debbie’s

And, what the heck, here’s a pork-fried rice recipe from Judy Ann, just to be fair.
    Since I got those recipes from search engines, here’s a nice explanation on why search engines suck (courtesy of
    And, to wrap things up, here’s a photo of bunny, which I took Friday morning…

I have decided today is Fried Chicken Day. So here are some hyperlinks in honor of th day:

KFC – man, I loves the Crispy Strips
(and the KFC Nutritional Guide – fairly pointless under the circumstances)
Popeye’s Chicken – no it does not taste like spinach
Church’s Chicken – now within the White Castle, the mark of quality
KFC Cruelty – KFC’s cruelty and abuse of unfortunately tasty animals
God Made Fried Chicken – a blog which wins a mention because of its cool domain name

It’s Earth Day. Time for our planet to make a wish and blow out all its refinery fires!
    Actually, that’s not a good metaphor since it’s not really the Earth’s birthday. It’s the day we set aside to pretend we care about the conditions of this great trailer park we live in. Believe it or not, it’s the thirty-third Earth Day, and after all that time you think you’d see some improvement around the place. As far as I can tell, it’s gotten worse. Around town there are less trees and more traffic; but at least it appears we’re going for the Guinness record in terms of new credit unions per capita.
    Is it really possible to think recycling your newspapers will help when there’s twice as much junk mail arriving at your doorstep? Will it make any difference when I finally get my hybrid car, knowing everyone else will be driving the biggest, heaviest, and fuel-inefficientest SUVs they can find? And is it really progress that we’ve gone from disposable lighters to disposable cell phones? A site called Earth Day Network has a list of environmental problems on which we can take action. The length of the list is disheartening; and I bet it’s pretty much been the same list for many years.

And beware genetically altered foods, too.

    But, anyway, here are some photos of our big beautiful blue-green planet on the unfashionable western spiral arm of the galaxy, while we still have it.

The Pacific

Antarctica and Africa

Michigan, My Home

Most images from

According to this article, “Fast food giants Pizza Hut and Burger King have set up their first franchises inside war-torn Iraq, inside giant trailers on a British military base near Basra.” These establishments have gone up faster and sooner than some aid stations, and are expected to begin selling food tomorrow.

It’s probably too late to try the holiday recipes, but this page from the BBC has some nice information about the traditions surrounding Easter.
    And here’s a joke from Father Moloney, at St Joseph’s in Wyandotte:
    The priest was heartened to see so many more people show up for holiday Mass. As the congregation filed out afterward, he encouraged all newcomers to come back every week to be part of God’s Army.
    “I already am,” said one man.
    “Ah, how can that be so,” asked the priest, “when I only see you at Christmas and Easter?”
    “Well,” the man replied, “I’m in the Secret Service.”

Last year, I thought the protest over how the title The Two Towers was supposedly an insensitive reference to terrorism (despite the fact Tolkien’s book was published twelve years before the WTC was completed). But, with this year’s movie I feel different. These guys really make a great case for the need to change the title of the final Lord of the Rings movie.
    This is actually old news, since I’ve seen references to the protest dating back to early February. But I’m posting it simply since I’m getting restless for any new word on Return of the King. Last year we had that four-minute Two Towers preview tacked onto the end of Fellowship — but this year: nothing. We’re not even getting the planned trailer before The Matrix Reloaded.
    I need new images!
    I guess I’ll have to continue contenting myself with these high-res scans from The Return of the King calendar.