Got my motherboard and power supply yesterday. My case still has not shown up, sadly. I contacted the company and they said it should appear soon. They are running behind because of “Holiday overload”.     Tonight, after work, I’m off to Best Buy to get a hard drive and a floppy drive. I probably […]

I took the plunge and ordered my motherboard last night. I’m getting the Gigabyte GA-8KNXP after all. This was the first board I found, during my searches, and none of the other boards really impressed me enough to change my mind. (The other boards have nice overclocking features, but I doubt I’ll ever use those.) […]

After some more research today, I started leaning toward MSI’s red 875P Neo-FIS2R board. It is exhibiting the same erratic behavior with memory, but it appears (from the Anantech forums) that their customer support is a lot more responsive and timely in posting BIOS updates. MSI also had some nice tutorial pages on their website. […]

I’m serious about wanting to upgrade. My problems with video capture are really annoying me so it looks like it’s about time to move on to something faster and more powerful. I don’t think I’m going to go over to the Mac side though (like I hinted at).
    I haven’t seen any computers that suit all my needs and I already have some parts that I’d like to keep, so I’m toying with the idea of building my own computer. It seems about time too. I’ve been messing around with computers for around ten years, so it seems time for me to really get my feet wet.
    Right off the bat though, I’ve hit a snag. I was instantly attracted to the cool looking full-tower acrylic cases available at C3 Clear Computer Case, but I can’t decide whether I want to get the clear or Blue Ice case.
    …Which brings us to our latest poll…

The Contenders

Clear Premium

Blue Ice

    Update: Thanks for voting. The poll is closed.

Earlier in the week I got an e-mail alerting me that the latest Windows Upgrade patch, Security Update #811493, does more harm than good. According to’s article, “The patch — which was designed to stave off a buffer overrun that could allow attackers to elevate privilege permissions on users’ machines — ended up slowing some users’ systems to a crawl.” Fortunately, the patch can be easily uninstalled through Add/Remove Programs (it’s near the bottom of the list); and Microsoft is at present working on a patch for their patch.
    My computer has been running awkwardly of late, and since I’m pretty ardent about downloading the latest updates I thought this 811493 patch might be the culprit. As it turned out, I had not downloaded it yet, so the cause of my problems lay elsewhere. In fact, it looked like it might be as simple as creating more room on my C: drive for Windows’ swap file. Which brings me to my next tech alert. After uninstalling several seldom used programs and defragging my drive, I began noticing problems with Internet Explorer. I inexplicably lost the ablity to Open Links in a New Window. The new browser window would pop up, but no new page would load and the browser would crash.
    I tried reinstalling (which is how I think I solved the problem at work, some time ago, when I first discovered this behavior), but since my browser was up-to-date here at home the IE installer refused to run. I found out though there is another solution to fix this strangely recurring problem. It worked for me, so perhaps it might be of use to you as well.
    And speaking of tech problems, my homepage counter dropped three thousand hits last night!
    P.S. After publishing the above, I also discovered my computer’s clock was an hour ahead.