I used to upload photos of my fish quite often; but I haven’t done that in quite a while, simply because I moved Fish out of the computer room and away from my webcam. I got a nice photo of him this morning however, while in the process of changing his water. So here he is.
    (Long-time readers might remember the terrible incident where my fish leapt to his death during a different cleaning, July 2002. That was Fish II. Fish III, his replacement, died a slow but natural death back in late October 2002. [And while I’m talking about it, I might as well mention Fish I, who didn’t last long at all, passing away from ick a couple days after I brought him home, Christmas of 2000.] Shown here is Fish IV, a very attractive pink and blue betta, who at last makes his first appearance here on the blog. As before, those wishing to contact him can write him at fish@troubledloner.com.)

Fish IV

    The Fish Poll has closed, having amassed one hundred fifty votes; and, as they say, the results are in.

    Opinions were divided and it was a close call. Although hardly a mandate, it does appear that public approval is leaning toward getting a new fish. So, with that said, ladies and gentlemen, may I present “Fish III”:

We regret to inform fans of the Fish that for the forseeable future he will be unable to answer your e-mails. I was cleaning his cube just now when the little bass turd slid right out and into the sink disposal

No harm came to him, since of course the dispos-all was not running. But it made it quite difficult to retrieve him. I tried using a spoon and even went so far as to try tongs. Just so he wouldn’t suffocate from lack of water, I tried running a trickle into the sink; and I guess he used this slight stream of water to evade all attempts at rescue and to dive further into the plumbing. Perhaps he can survive, swimming about in our pipes; but I’m pretty sure he’ll be unable to access his e-mail account, unless of course he swims over to some Internet café or the like.

We reget his untimely passing but wish him well on his travels.

Fish Fish

The Fish, in two of the last photos taken of him. admires the SFG logo

My fish, [occasionally showing up on my webcam], has become quite the celebrity, during his all too infrequent webcam appearances. If you would like to e-mail him, you can contact him at fish@troubledloner.com. “I’ll try to answer as many letters as I can,” he bubbles, “but eating, pooping, swimming in circles, and hiding behind my […]