They love it to such an extent that the site has become too popular. Mondays are the worst, when Strong Bad’s latest e-mail is unveiled. Today was particularly bad, since traffic was so great the site has been knocked offline. The Message Bored is still up, but I haven’t seen the homepage for several hours.
    In the interest of helping out those who might not have been able to see this week’s e-mail, I am mirroring it here. This is a blatant breach of copyright and is extremely naughty, but I do it with good intentions and will remove the link and the files once H*R is back up and running.
    Update: Yay! Homestar is back up and running. The Flash animation I was mirroring has been removed, and the link above now points to its official location. A nicely informative explanation of the outage can be found here.   [01/22/03 5:32 PM]

(Warning: this entry has way too many links.)
    Seriously. I don’t get no respect.
    Besides my own message board and the insidious SEI board, my favorite hangout is over at the Strong Bad Message Bored over at Homestar It however is plagued by frequent “bonks” due to traffic overload. To insure our good times could continue unabated, I started up a Homestar section on my message board, way back on July 23, so we could hang out there while the Bored recovered from its latest bonk. The Bored patrons did not seem very interested. They visited, looked the place over, and said they still preferred the original.
    Recently, Lymhoid (of the Sooper_Dooper_Flash page of Homestar secrets) opened up a message board, since the Bored was still suffering from severe bonks every couple days. Wow, what a great idea! Wish I‘d thought of it. To be blunt, his message board (as of now) is ugly, with black text on a navy blue background and lots of pop-up ads. And yet he’s lauded as a hero for providing this alternative.
    It just ain’t fair, I tells ya.
    But Foo! on them, since I’ve got another message board I’d rather go to anyway. So there.