During a recent trip to Stratford Ontario my dad became enamored with a quote, etched into a graveyard headstone. He managed to copy it but was unable to find the source. So, dear one or two readers, does the following verse look at all familiar to you?

Up in air you shall rise
Through crystal spheres and stars
Wisdom, Truth, and Soul’s Delight
Await you at the Seventh Gate

    At first I thought it was biblical, then it was suggested it might be from William Blake. Others have more recently said it might be by Edgar Lee Masters. A team of librarians was even more specific, saying the verse is from Masters’s poem “The Decision”, printed on April 14 1861.
    However, I can not find a copy of this poem anywhere online (nor in the anthologies at the local library); and I also discovered that Masters was born August 23 1868, which, one would assume, would make it difficult for him to write poetry seven years prior.
    So…   Anyone?   Anyone?