Have I mentioned lately how much I hate changing my clock twice a year? Of course I have, four months ago. And I’ll do it again eight months from now. You know why? Because Daylight Saving Time is stupid, meaningless, illogical, and, in a word, bullshit. It doesn’t save energy (what you don’t use in the evening you’ll use in the morning, and vice versa — obviously!) and it doesn’t help the farmers (I’m pretty sure they can start work no matter what the clock on the wall says). Hell, most people who are for it don’t even know what it’s called and keep referring to it as “Daylight Savings Time”, like it’s a bank. That proves it right there. Its proponents are idiots and don’t deserve to control you to thoughtlessly change your clock twice a year.
    Stop the madness. Sign the WhiteHouse.gov petition. Write to congress. Or are you some sort of sunlight-denier too.

    (Yeah, I know, the widget has the name wrong too.)
    P.S.: here’s the video that spurred this sudden flurry of activity…