So…how many episodes till a guy in the background shoots Negan because they’re sick of standing there for his 45-minute monologues? #TWD

    Obviously that’s Aaron Paul in the ski, from yesterday’s SNL cold open; but the woman in the cardigan is Alyson Hannigan, right?

    (Image taken from ONTD.)

I just saw this story, although it was announced earlier in the week. There’s a well-known hypothesis that an infinite number of monkeys at an infinite number of typewriters would eventually produce the works of Shakespeare. A group of researchers tried to put this theory into too too solid flesh, at the Paignton Zoo in Devon. Unfortunately their resources were limited to the somewhat smaller amount of six monkeys and one computer.
    At first, said researcher Mike Phillips, “the lead male got a stone and started bashing the hell out of it,” imitating a common desire of males when working with a new computer. “Another thing they were interested in,” Phillips continued, “was in defecating and urinating all over the keyboard.” Also a frequent wish, certainly, though usually pertaining to someone else‘s computer, and admittedly less acted upon.
    The experiment was far from a failure. The six monkeys were still able to come up a Will & Grace script and have already signed an agreement for a new reality TV series on ABC involving a bachelor and 19 female gibbon who vie for his attention (but, you see, whomever he picks will get a hundred tons of bananas, but he doesn’t know that!).
    Now that’s what I call “Must-Fling-Poo TV”!

    By the way, the title comes from A Midsummer-Night’s Dream, Act 3, Scene 2

No, not this one…

You’ve probably seen on several sites how this photo was unofficially voted the coolest picture ever. I’m sorry, but that’s wrong. Whoever says so is a young punk whippersnapper who’s not old enough to know better.
    For forty-somethings and older, like me, the coolest picture ever was just discovered in this week’s TV Guide (May 3-9 2003)…

Rob & Laura together again. Now that‘s cool.
(Hey look, I’m advertising for PBS.)

A couple weeks ago I first heard the rumblings that Warner Bros had complaints with the budget overruns on The West Wing. And now the worst has happened. According to several news sources, it was announced today that Aaron Sorkin, the show’s creator and writer, is leaving the show, alongside producer/director Thomas Schlamme. The series will continue to be produced by John Wells, who also oversees ER and Third Watch.
    As a long time fan of the show, this can’t be anything but terrible news. Aaron Sorkin was such a pivotal force behind the show that his leaving will definitely hurt it. Of course, John Wells can continue to put the show together, and will do so ably; but it was Sorkin who was the series’s distinctive voice. It’s easy to spot those few episodes Sorkin did not write, with their forced humor and fake fast-talking and clichéd situations. Sorkin’s episodes had a spark to them — wry, intelligent, lively, with lines that practically danced and soared — that not only stood head and shoulders above those lesser attempts but also made other dramas pale as well.
    And to think Warners let that get away.
    I can imagine the show continuing, I can imagine me watching it, but I doubt it will be as good — and it certainly will not be the same. And that, my fellow Americans, is already a terrible lamentable shame.

My TV viewing is so far behind, I only tonight watched last Friday’s season finale of Ed. Apparently viewership is down for the show, so there’s talk this might be its last season.
    I’ve watched Ed from the beginning; but i have to say, I would not have a problem if NBC decides not to renew the show. Yes, I enjoyed my nice, pleasant visits to Stuckeyville, at first. But as time wore on, aspects of the show began to wear on me. Tom Cavanagh and Julie Bowen were appealing, but they were outweighed by too many grating and annoying secondary characters. I guess a character like Michael Ian Black’s Phil Stubbs was supposed to be an irrepressible schemer and a lovably ineffective con artist. Instead, he was neverending pain in the ass and a drag on the show. (And I only recently found out Black was responsible for the sock puppet commercials, so I have that much more reason to hate him. I hated him pre-show.) And the only kind thing I can say about whiney, dorky, cloying, irritating Warren Cheswick (as played by Justin Long) is he almost made Phil Stubbs bearable. It got to the point I was grateful I was watching the shows on tape, so I could skim through any scenes with those characters in them. They not only ruined the show, they killed it.
    So I have to hand it to the producers on how they handled Friday’s season finale. They did not resort to a cliffhanger to force the network into considering a renewal. Instead they gave the show a definite ending, a very pleasing resolution, as if they admitted that the show had run its course. It feels like the end, and I have to admit I hope it is.
    (The only drawback is I won’t be able to see the gorgeous Julie Bowen for a while — since she was the real reason I watched the show every week.)

Images from NBC‘s Ed, taken from

Well, I finally finished the work on my Diary page. Now it’s all up-to-date and ready for new entries.
    I’ve been so immersed in this that I barely had time for anything else (except eating, of course). I hate to admit it, but I’m completely out of touch with the war news. I tried watching some CNN today, but all I heard was Wolf Blitzer going on and on about how soldiers sometimes have men lift or remove their shirt to insure the men aren’t suicide bombers. I swear Blitzer spent ten or fifteen minutes talking about men being ordered to take their shirts off. Every new interview guest was asked questions about men taking their shirts off. I finally had to change the channel, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the segment ended with Wolf shirtless — either by example or just some perverse fantasy of his. Even better, maybe Blitzer would bring one of the many retired generals out and have him order Blitzer to remove his shirt.
    I always suspected CNN secretly enjoys when America goes to war. I just hadn’t realized how much.