I might perhaps appear to be web savvy — having my own domains and a seldom used message board and all — but I’m really not. There’s a ton of stuff about which I’m quite cluefree. One thing I’m curious about is why some of my junk e-mail has gibberish in the subject header. It will start by saying something like “How to Pay Less Taxes Legally” which will then be followed by “rrBx“. Anybody know why that is? For example, here’s a sampling from today’s junk mail.

How to Pay Less Taxes Legally   rrBx
Need More E n e r g y?   7775iHBy3-168Bmgw9190WTrm-24
Printer Cartridges – Save up to 80% – Inkjet & Laser Toners   zvpxrl^fubegsngthl(pbz
.COM .NET .BIZ .INFO .NAME all for $14.95   4312czOJ0–9
Mickey Refinance your home now .. Rates are down   jdz xgjwd
mickey Bigger Than Napster – Download FREE Games Now!!   tmkpd

I’m not complaining, since it makes it easy to spot what to delete; I’m just curious. Is it code? Am I being sworn at? Is it a glitch in Microsoft’s Junk Emailer XP? Anybody know?
    Yeah, I know this is trivial. But I’ve just come back from a funeral, I’ve written too many war entries, and I feel like looking for something trivial.

Hey look, we’re going to be famous. I just found out the new Evil Dead videogame (“Fistful of Boomstick” coming soon from THQ [for X-Box and PlayStation2]) takes place in none other than Dearborn, Michigan (whence I’m writing this now)! The screen grabs almost kinda vaguely look like Deaborn — but I did notice one […]

From The Register: “A Brit living and working in the US has been sacked from his job for running a blog.”     And…oh…by the way…apropos of nothing…if my boss happens to see this…when the time stamp says 1:52 PM, it’s actually…really…more like…8:52 PM. …Okay? It’s a time zone thing…or something.

    A week or so ago I was strongly instructed to download and install the service pack patch for Windows XP. I finally found out why. Apparently there is a server flaw in the XP Help Center which, when run, can cause the Help Center to delete files off your hard drive!     […]

A while back I read a troubling article at the ZD Net site, about how the next Windows OS, Palladium, will, in collusion with chip manufacturers, be “explicitly designed to handle rights management — meaning it’ll govern what software you are allowed to run and what you’re allowed to do with documents and content.” By […]

    O, Helena, the seat of democracy.
    Dozens if not hundreds of sites are already spreading the news of the incredibly misguided and stupid Greek law 3037 which, in an attempt to curtail illegal gambling, puts a blanket ban on any type of electronic game from PC games to handhelds, even some cellular phones, both for public or private use. This law also extends to tourists, who might have foolishly brought some little handheld electronic game with them. Punishment runs up to twelve months in jail and up to $75,000 (US).
    The Greek paper Kathimerini reports, “The blanket ban was decided in February after the government admitted it was incapable of distinguishing innocuous video games from illegal gambling machines.” But of course. Aristotle himself would find such logic irrefutable. And if they need to combat reckless driving, I assume they’ll just start arresting anyone with a car.
    Thank Zeus, the Greek gaming community is putting up a fight. The Gameland.gr website was keeping track of the story, as well as a planned protest over the arrest of two Internet café owners. The interest in the story has overwhelmed their server, but the site has several mirrors, two of which can be viewed here or here.
    Maybe the lawmakers need to soak their heads in Windex.