I’m not quite sure I understand this. A website, specifically 2600.com, links to the infamous DeCSS.zip file, which allows the copying of DVDs, and is taken to court. It is ruled that the site is guilty of allowing people to pirate copyrighted intellectual property. The decision is based on the judge’s ruling that HTML code […]

For some unknown reason, I’m here at work on a Saturday — all the more reason to kill some time uploading a message to my web site. I, like most of America, spent last Wednesday evening watching the final episode of Survivor. I have to admit, this was the first time I’d watched the show, […]

Anybody else notice McDonald’s fascination with the tomato. Through the years they’ve tried to improve on their hamburgers, but it seems the best they can do is simply add a tomato. The QLT back in the ’70s, the McDLT in the ’80s, and now the Arch Deluxe and Big Xtra in the ’90s. Just burgers […]