What would a vacation be without some computer trouble? I’ve been noticing a lot of large files clogging up my hard drives, with generic names like “00093284.wav” or “00094726.avi”. And more recently I discovered these files were being orphaned by Windows. The OS was claiming it was deleting these files, but it wasn’t. It would […]

“The show you would like to be watching, and which can be seen by the rest of the country, will not be shown so that we can bring you this old low-rent program we can pack full of local commercials…”

Is it like this in your neighborhood? It seems all the affiliates here in Detroit will do everything in their power to pre-empt network shows for their own personal gain. They’ve run so many promos for “local news first” they’ve begun to take themselves too seriously, believing we’re only watching them for local programming. Sorry, guys. This short fat guy watches you despite your local programming, despite your desperate need to force feed me grief and suffering and fear (“Something in your house can kill you!“). So stop your censorship, stop your media blackout, and air the programs you’re supposed to!