Shortly after Arby’s introduced its line of appetizers, Burger King added similar fare to their 99-cent menu. Since I’m mainly interested in spicy foods, this article concentrates on one item these menus have in common. Arby’s calls theirs Jalapeno Bites while Burger King uses the more common name of Jalapeno Poppers. Ironically, the Arby’s offering […]

The season premiere of my favorite show is just a couple days away, but strangely I am not looking forward to it.

I used to be a huge X-Files fan, but now the thought of the show’s return fills me with unease. All the newspapers and magazines say I should be ecstatic that the show did not end following the resignation of lead actor David Duchovny. I should be turning cartwheels that the producers of the show have hired a new lead and that the show was snatched from the jaws of cancellation and can continue. But in fact I feel quite the opposite. I can honestly say I was hoping the previous season would be the last. I wanted to see my favorite show end with some class, rather than being bled dry by Fox’s desperate need for hour-long dramas. Even Chris Carter himself had stated he only stuck around for season eight since Fox threatened to continue the show without him.

I know I’m not the only one almost dreading the start of the new season. I can’t stop thinking about such doomed projects as Archie Bunker”s Place or AfterMASH, which were pale imitations of their forebears. …Yes, I”ll continue to watch, but I seriously doubt the show will be worthwhle or even survive. Sad to say, it’s already been chasing its tail for maybe three or four years, with all its monster-of-the-week episodes seeming like remakes of previous episodes. And I’m confident Chris Carter will screw up Scully’s pregnancy just like he did the conspiracy arc and the Samantha arc.

But at least, thanks to TCFHE video, I’ll have season two to watch soon, and then season three, back when the show was good…back when the show was the best thing on TV…back when I couldn’t wait to watch the next week’s episode…and, sadly, unlike this season.

Please let me be proved wrong.

My favorite video clip of recent days. Just in time for Election Day: a behind the scenes look at George W Bush’s appearance on Late Show with David Letterman. This clip was originally shown on October 20, the day after George W’s appearance; but this copy of it comes from November 1. You can watch […]