How many times has word come down that the office of the X-Files is being closed. Well, the hammer finally fell a last time, as Fox announced they’re pulling the plug on the nine-year old series. Normally I’d be very upset that a favorite show has been canceled, but I stopped getting involved in the show a couple years ago…around the time the show’s creators lost interest as well. Don’t get me wrong, I still watch the show every week — even this latest incarnation — but each episode brings new levels of disappointment and missed opportunities.

The release of the series on home video only make this more obvious. In the early years Mulder and Scully are onto something, and their search to put all the pieces together was exciting and mesmerizing. But after four or five years, it became increasingly apparent that the mystery was far too convoluted. It would take an effort to wrap things up, so it was easier to just have Mulder and Scully tread water every week; and what “answers” were doled out were usually either dropped or contradicted further on. And the so-called resolution to Mulder’s search for his missing sister so baldly flew in the face of what was shown in previous episodes as to be insulting to a loyal audience.

(It’s nice┬áthat Fox is letting the show run out its ninth season. This should allow the producers time to build up the season to a fitting conclusion. However, I have a feeling they’ll drop the ball on this too. More and more I believe they are unable to bring the show to a conclusion since they have no idea what they’re doing.)

So I’m not sad about this news. I’ve already been sad, since the demise of the show already happened. The press release has only made it official. Instead, I’m relieved, like after an ailing loved one finally passes away (if this analogy does not trivialize someone’s memory of a loved one). X-Files┬ácanceled? Fine. I’m perfectly happy reveling in the show’s glory days, with my DVD boxed sets. Now, if we could only get Fox to come to its senses over its other dried up cash cow, The Simpsons.