It’s Oscar night tonight. This is one of my favorite days. I”m one of the few people I know who truly enjoys the Academy Awards. Not the fashions, not the glitz, not the showy production numbers. The awards themselves. I’m not brave enough to make any predictions, mainly because my hunches keep changing. I’m tired of […]

A little facelift, but hardly the massive one I would like to do [back on my old page]. I just wanted to get some use out of my latest webcam, which I bought from a company called x10. It”s a wireless camera, which I found intriguing. Now I can keep my USB webcam close to my […]

I’ve since done a complete about-face regarding my Pine SM200C MP3 CD player, as reviewed below. I still love the concept of an MP3 CD player (much more than a hard drive or memory-card player), but the Pine still leaves too much desired. Other players from Rio and TDK and Memorex are already surpassing it, […]