I really have nothing to say. The images from the news express it all. And since my company called off work today, I’ve been seeing those images on TV all day. Work on my site seems so trivial against the inexplicable and unbelievable tragedy being broadcast out of New York and Washington DC, but I feel […]

Research shows eating pizza can protect you from sunburn. A unique mix of ingredients is the perfect combination to keep out harmful UV rays, say scientists at Dusseldorf University. Just 40 grams of tomatoes and olive oil a day could triple the skin’s ability to protect itself against the sun. They added that a pizza […]

Kevin Keaveney watched consecutive episodes of NYPD Blue for a total of 46 hours, 30 minutes and 50 seconds, thereby setting two records world records. It will be the first time records for Consecutive Episodic Television Programmes Watches and Consecutive Hours of Television/Video Watched have been recognised. Mr Keaveney was competing against 19 other people […]

Matt Georger, who in the past month purposely gained 36 pounds, was named winner of radio station WEDG”s (103.3 The Edge) “Biggest Bills Fan” contest. Five locals (four men and one woman) were pitted against each other to see who could gain the most weight. Thirty pounds in 30 days was the goal, which Georger […]