Well it seems like the big thing at the Winter Olympics now is to make fun of curling. This is supposedly great fodder for comedy shows and humor articles, to point out how silly and boring curling is. Like most clichés, I’ve gotten tired of it fast, and the constant repetition of this increasingly unfunny […]

I’ve really been bothered by some Javascript errors IE and Netscape were reporting. It turns out they weren’t even my errors. They were errors from scripts I got from Extreme DM and Stats4All. The errors from Extreme DM were apparently caused from improperly copied code (which has been re-pasted in), while the errors from Stats4All […]

A little last minute adjustment before I power down. I added some color to the scrollbar.

Being up a whole day now, the Site Mach IV (or is it VIII or even XII) is starting to grow on me. But I have to admit, every time I check it out I’m suddenly hungry for burgers, fried chicken, pizza, Chinese food, nachos, spaghetti, tacos, and/or beer [from the image strip that used to cross the background].

But then again, that’s pretty true all the time. [12:46 AM]

Update: A couple more tweaks: a little drop-shadow for the logo, and I also narrowed the filmstrip of foodstuffs. [3:59 PM]

Update: Hey, I tore myself away from work on my homepage to update another page. My Diary now has new entries. [11:31 PM]

Update: Here’s a fat link I just found: The Slowinski Art Gallery’s Collection of Fatties.

Hey! At last, I got my blog to show up in Netscape! (It works in Netscape 6 at least.) [12:24 AM] Update: I can’t believe I’m still up working on this site. I also can’t believe I spent almost all this time get lost in all the <TABLE> tags. I was so eager to get […]

My new and “improved” homepage blog has only been up a day and I’m already thinking of changing it. A long while ago I toyed around with Greymatter but I only got it running this morning, so it’s possible I might switch over to it from Blogger once I thrash out a decent looking template. […]

After much trial and error, it is quite possible this could indeed be the new look of the SFG Online homepage. Most recently, I tried to fashion my site after Something Awful, but of late I’ve been blatantly ripping off ideas from Noah Grey.com and Glish.com. I’ve also been toying with some CSS, from a […]

    I’m reminded that Steven Spielberg’s A.I. is coming out soon on home video. It’s unfortunate this movie did not get the response it deserved. I found it one of the most interesting and thought-provoking films of 2001; flawed, but still well made, and deserving of more credit than it was given. Its poor box office should not detract from the film’s quality.
    I would suggest it has more to do with Warner Bros’s misguided marketing campaign. The logo of the movie emphasized some kind of “childlike tale of wonder”, and even the name of the film harkened back to Spielberg”s movie E.T.. This was unfortunate since it engendered expectations that this was some kind of sequel — expectations the movie did not and would not fulfill. The movie had much more to say than following some boy’s adventures.
    The title’s similarity to E.T. got me wondering. Maybe the two-letter titles were a code. Just like some believe the “HAL” 9000 computer is Kubrick’s swipe at “IBM”, since the letters H.A.L. are one letter away from I.B.M..
    So what do we get if we do the same to E.T.?
    I wonder if Kubrick considered that as an A.I. working title.

One would expect me to write a big food-based message today, it being Fat Tuesday. But in fact I did not buy any semi-traditional pączki today and, since this is the Movies page, I’m more interested in this morning’s Oscar nominations than in Mardi Gras.

A casual viewer to the site could guess the movie I’m rooting for is The Fellowship of the Ring. It seems a natural, since the movie is about short fat guys trying to save the world. And yes I’ve been in love with Tolkien’s book since junior high school and Peter Jackson’s movie is an impressive piece of epic filmmaking. But sadly, I strongly feel that my favorite movie will not win. Instead, the Academy will play it safe and give all the big awards to A Beautiful Mind.

I really shouldn’t say anything bad about A Beautiful Mind, since I have not seen it. But it strikes me as the kind of movie that the is tailor-made for the Oscars: a big name actor, effecting a false accent, in an inspiring tale of his struggle with a debilitating disease. How many times have we seen that? How many times has the Academy congratulated itself for making that? How many copies of that sit on dusty video store shelves while we continue to rent not the prestige film but the movies that were the popular favorite? Movies like Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark; movies that should’ve won big but weren’t deemed “important” enough.

So wouldn’t it be cool if the Academy threw away the playbook and voted for the popular favorite? They’ve done it before on occasion, so I think it would be great to see it again now.

But, like I said, I really shouldn’t criticize a movie I haven’t seen. And I might force myself to see it, maybe this weekend, so I can check out the competition.

Update: I discovered a cool little comments tool. This is to check out if it works. If it works great. If it doesn’t, then feel free to send me a complaint. No wait. That won’t work out. (By the way the weblog that gave me this [comments] idea is run by the Internet’s youngest webmaster, Robbie Grace Cripps.) [6:39 PM]

The Winter Olympics have begun. We watched the opening ceremonies last night, and it reminded me of something Jon Stewart said on The Daily Show following the Super Bowl. Leaning back and patting his tummy as if he’d just finished a huge Thanksgiving dinner, he said “Boy that was some good America. But no, please, […]