I’ve noticed that a lot of personal web sites include fan fiction, homemade stories inspired by characters from television or movies. Since I’m always interesting in hopping on Internet bandwagons (or at least climbing slowly with lots of huffing and puffing), I’ve given thought to adding some fan fiction here at the SFG site. I […]

II just had an idea. I know the M&Ms brand is running a contest for a new color and to drum up interest in their candy. It dawned on me that they might be able to drum up more interest by offering different colors every season. They already offer red and green M&Ms for Christmas […]

One thing I’m rather proud of is my changeover to using rechargeable batteries. My CD/MP3 player was using up AA batteries at an alarming rate and I was forced to buy 8-packs of Duracell Ultras every couple weeks. I got so tired of this (and of keeping the spent batteries, rolling about the floor of […]

A little post Earth Day note. Our President unveiled his “Clear Skies” environmental plan today, which awards companies points for low emissions (which they can barter to companies with high emissions). This is the great “let the marketplace decide” smokescreen Republican leaders always use when they don’t want to tread on someone’s shiny expensive shoes. […]

Here’s an interesting page first posted on Fark. The fact this guy was put through the wringer by his cowowkers and bosses is disgusting, the fact he lost his trial is ridiculous, the fact the foreman of the jury felt so bad about it that he has created a webpage is inspiring.

I have to admit being a former cable company employee, I took a personal interest in this. Not to say that I in any way suffered similar indignities — my former employers might have been inept, but they were certainly not criminally inept.

I can’t believe the amount of junk-mail spam with which I’m being inundated. This last week alone the amount has doubled if not tripled. I suppose I should enjoy it though, since so many women seem to want to show off their webcams to me. Funny how they all seem to want my credit card […]

What a shock. The mideast declares an oil embargo on us, and guess what our administration’s solution is — drilling in Alaska! Who’d’a thunk it?! Drilling in Alaska. That old song and dance Dubya’s been working on since we first heard of him. I swear, Bush has been gunning to violate Alaska so badly that […]

Newsgroups have failed me. I’ve been searching for a file of The Two Towers preview, so I could relive seeing it last Friday. But it turns out I was looking in the wrong place. It’s available here, and has been for a day or two.

Update: The preview can also be found here along with peripheral downloads. Still looking for a good version of it though.

Update: The One Ring.net announced a new link, saying it was complete and much better than before. I added it here, but it turns out to be the same dark, flickery QuickTime movie as before. Evidently they’re confused, so I’ve since removed this third link.