You would think the Internet Movie Database would know a thing or two about movies (especially since way too many people [and DVD producers] view as the ultimate source). But read what they had to say regarding yesterday’s news: “John Entwistle, The Who’s bass guitarist, died in Las Vegas Thursday of an apparent […]

    “Why can’t we have eternal life? And never die, never die.”
    According to Reuters, John Entwistle, the bass player for The Who, died in Las Vegas tonight at age 57, just one day before the group was set to perform there and begin a North American summer tour. It happened at Vegas’s Hard Rock Hotel, and the death is still under investigation. Entwistle is one of the great bass players in rock, and his life should be celebrated just for his performance in The Who’s “The Real Me” alone!

    Why does the govenment hate the Internet? Once again the Library of Congress is cocking up royalty rates for Internet radio stations. I read this today at the Washington Post site: “Internet radio stations must pay two sets of copyright fees. One royalty, set at 3.5 percent of total revenues, goes to the songwriters and publishers of a piece of music. The other fee — the one decided yesterday by Billington — is shared equally by the performers and the record company.
    “Radio stations pay only the music publishing fee, not the royalties for musicians and record labels.”\n    You’d think a democracy would kind of provide a nice level playing field, wouldn’t it? I’d think if anything Internet radio should be given a break just because it sounds so bad. So why is the government ostracizing Internet radio, as if it were the invalid relative hidden in the attic? Simple: once again they’re showing their belief that anyone using the Internet is up to no good and must be punished.
    I wonder if they know our own president has a homepage at Maybe we should e-mail Washington DC and provide this URL. The paradox would short circuit their brains, and we could finally get some peace and quiet around here.
    By the way, please join the Electronic Frontier Foundation.   [1:10 PM]

Update: Here’s an even greater irony. The Library of Congress has its own webcasts. [6:18 PM]

Update: One Internet radio station, recently forced to shutdown, has a good explanation of what’s going on. [6:51 PM]

n    We’ll be right back after this commercial announcement.     Most of the embroidered clothing items are out of stock in the SFG store, but we’ve added several new items in the SFG Cafe Press store, and some of them are not as lame as the usual Cafe Press stuff. Hope you enjoy them.     […]

    It seems like a lot of frozen foods companies have recently discovered the great untapped resource of breakfast. Swanson and Banquet have for a long while been offering breakfast meals; Pillsbury recently turned their Toaster Strudel into tasty egg and cheese Toaster Scrambles. And now two new frozen breakfast offerings have hit the […]

    I finally saw President Bush’s address from last night, wherein he asks Congress to create a new cabinet position for a Director of Homestyle Security (that’s the security that’s chicken-fried and comes with sausage gravy. Mmmm).     This would unite domestic law enforcement I guess. It struck me as sounding vaguely like the National […]

    So what happened last night? After six close-scoring games, some of which needed to be decided in overtime, what happened to Colorado that the Red Wings were able to trounce them so handily? It’s like Colorado had a completely different team on the ice. Did the Wings take them out drinking the night before? […]