There are some derrogatorry comments in that chat thing at the bottom of the screen. A so-called random troublemaker wrote: [censored] you pig! We want SFG back! ATTICA ATTICA! Free Huey! Obviously this sort of slanderous and abusive talk can not and will not be tolerated. I notice by your IP address, random troublemaker, that […]

I have to admit I’m enjoying this computer stuff. There’s definately a shortage of smut around here (alot of pictures of Nicole Kidman tho), but this Mickey guy must be quite the playa. I mean, he gets emails all the time from these college coed roomates. They’ve just set up a webcam and they keep […]

Good evening. My name is Inspector William Montcrief of the Brownstown Police Department, Computer Crimes Squad. This web sight has been temporarily suspended, pending an investigation into the willfull slaying of a pet fish or betta splendens. This in itself would not warrant police action, but it has come to our attention that fish deaths […]

    It’s hard not notice to a lot of Dunkin’ Donuts shops in the area are being remodeled — not only remodeled but totally gutted and rebuilt almost from scratch. Contributor Jeremy Fathers has the theory that these new shops would house both Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskins Robbins. (And I hadn’t even known the […]

    The Dim Refrigerator Bulb Award goes to Caesar Barber, 56, of New York, who (according to my local paper) believes he can sue the fast food industry for making him fat. “They said ‘100 percent beef’. I thought that meant it was good for you,” said Barber, conveniently ignoring how the combos he […]

As members of The Lord of the Rings movie fan club, we had the chance to submit questions to be asked of director Peter Jackson for an interview in the fan club magazine. I sent in my question back on March 30. I received the third issue of the magazine last night, and discovered quite […]

    This is the third time I’ve had the chance to comment on this site on Emmy nominations. Unfortunately, now that I’ve finally remembered to comment in a timely fashion, I have to admit I’ve got nothing to say.
    For someone who watches so much television, this surprises even me. I guess I simply have not been that adventurous in my TV watching, sticking to already established favorites. I haven’t bothered watching Six Feet Under; and the only new show I like, Scrubs, did not get any high profile nominations.
    It’s nice to see Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry get some recognition, but this really should’ve happened four or five years ago. It would be great if John Spencer could win for his work in The West Wing, but his competition is every other male in the series. The one actress I’d be rooting for, Maura Tierney (who fit so well into ER you’d think she was one of the originals), wasn’t nominated. Probably the actor I’d most root for out of anything is the inimitable Ryan Stiles, who finally got some recognition by a nomination for “Outstanding Individual Performance In A Variety Or Music Program”. I didn’t even know he was nominated until I started doing research for this article — but go Ryan!\n    As far as best comedy or drama goes, I really don’t care. I still prefer The West Wing, but for some reason this year the episodes have stopped being “about something”.
    Another favorite, Late Show with David Letterman, might finally get some serious competition from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. It was a draw last year with Dave getting best show, but Jon getting best writing. The same might happen this year, but I kind of doubt Dave will really win five years in a row. This would be perfectly fine by me (since, as we know, Dave’s The Man), but if someone is to break the streak I’d be content knowing it was The Daily Show. (Then again, Hollywood might feel sorry for that overrated hump Jay Leno.) \n    In short, of course I’ll watch, but I doubt if I’ll care.
    And if The Osbournes gets any recognition — in fact, if any of that reality sewage which is undermining all that is sacred in entertainment gets any recognition — then my boot is going through the screen.

We regret to inform fans of the Fish that for the forseeable future he will be unable to answer your e-mails. I was cleaning his cube just now when the little bass turd slid right out and into the sink disposal

No harm came to him, since of course the dispos-all was not running. But it made it quite difficult to retrieve him. I tried using a spoon and even went so far as to try tongs. Just so he wouldn’t suffocate from lack of water, I tried running a trickle into the sink; and I guess he used this slight stream of water to evade all attempts at rescue and to dive further into the plumbing. Perhaps he can survive, swimming about in our pipes; but I’m pretty sure he’ll be unable to access his e-mail account, unless of course he swims over to some Internet café or the like.

We reget his untimely passing but wish him well on his travels.

Fish Fish

The Fish, in two of the last photos taken of him. admires the SFG logo

I just switched over to multiple weblogs. Now the other elements of SFG WorldFood, Music, Movies, TV, Gadgets — have been converted to weblogs too. This might mean nothing to you, but it will make it easier to update them. I can now post articles on-the-fly, without needing to manually rewrite the HTML. (Don’t tell my boss, but it also allows me to upload posts from any online computer.) It also allows you the ability to post comments on those pages, as well as here.

More content, more timely.

Update: Yes, the Movies page looks like crap. I’m in the process of reorganizing the way it displays, and this process is taking longer than expected. My apologies for the inconvenience. I hope to have it soon.   [July 18, 9:00 PM]

Second Update: The Movies page should be working fine now. It should be a lot easier to use and a lot easier to find reviews.   [July 19, 12:35 AM]

Third Update: Forget the Movies page, it looks fine now. But the other PHP pages have been reverted back to HTML (and the above links changed) since all of them were slowing down my server. Nice idea, though.   [Sept. 7, 12:46 PM]

I just sprang for the Pro version of pMachine. Can you tell the difference? Actually, by the end of the week, you should be able to tell a difference, since I hope to be turning my Food and Music and TV and Gadgets pages into weblogs too. Vive le difference!