Everybody else is talking about Elvish it seems, so why not me? I discovered this link, just in time, to a page of Elvish translations from The Fellowship of the Ring movie. It’s pretty cool to get to the see the Elvish dialogue in print.
    There’s a bit of contention over one line though. During the scene where Aragorn sends Arwen off with the wounded Frodo, he says something which does not show up in the subtitles. Some say it is “Be jest lî” (“According to your wish”) whereas others (including myself) believe otherwise, if only because the supposedly Elvish phrase is not translated.

(Note: this was originally featured in my YaBBSE message board. Now that it’s become a buglight for spammers and other reprobates, I’ve killed off the message board and dumped these MSPaint masterpieces here [roughly at the time they were originally drawn].)

The Ten Commandments

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

The Exorcist


Field of Dreams

The Godfather

The Graduate

Independence Day

Citizen Kane

King Kong

The Matrix


North By Northwest



Dr Strangelove

The Birds

The Wicker Man

The Wizard of Oz

    What is up. My name is Hilary Rosen, CEO of the Recording Industry of America, and from time to time I will be “hacking” into websites such as this — using the tools legally entitled us through the Berman P2P bill — so that I can talk directly to users of The Online […]

    Today marks the one week anniversary of when SFG Online crashed. Looking back, I think that guy who hacks into my site is right. I probably shouldn’t be using “password” as my password. This site obviously needs to be more secure. Leo Laporte on The Screen Savers suggests using a combination of letters […]

    It’s been nagging me for quite some time that I’ve got separate pages for Music and TV and Food, but my Movies page is nothing but reviews. On occasion I’ve been lumping movie reviews or Oscar news in my main weblog, but today I decided to revamp my movie section. I created a separate page for my DVD reviews (and spent the afternoon laboriously moving all my reviews onto it) and then created a new Movies page, to sit alongside the other web facets of SFG World.
    I moved several existing movie-related entries onto it (and also just finishing typing up its first original entry), and along the way I decided several other entries here in the main weblog should really exist elsewhere too. So my total number of entries, as shown in the Stats box below, has dwindled, but that’s just because some of the TV and Music comments have been moved to more appropriate places.
    Just thought I’d mention it. And now, back to the show.
    (Update: All the above links have been changed as of September 1. All the above PHP weblogs have reverted back to HTML pages.)

    For years my friends and I have been bemoaning how NetFlix does not have any competition. Each time the rates were changed, or when they decided to only stock one copy of each movie (allowing them to ignore any future special editions of titles), or when they decided to require multi-disc sets to […]

    The Fish Poll has closed, having amassed one hundred fifty votes; and, as they say, the results are in.

    Opinions were divided and it was a close call. Although hardly a mandate, it does appear that public approval is leaning toward getting a new fish. So, with that said, ladies and gentlemen, may I present “Fish III”:

    “United States researchers have found that suppressing a particular gene allowed mice to eat fatty foods without gaining weight or risking diabetes.
    “The study, to appear in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, suggests that it will be possible to prevent obesity and diabetes with drugs, according to study author James Ntambi, a biochemistry and nutritional sciences professor at the University of Wisconsin.
    Ntambi and his team found that when they suppressed a gene known as SCD-1 in mice, every attempt they made at fattening the mice failed.”
    (Taken from The New Zealand Herald)

I guess I should apologize since it sounds like I knocked down your web sight. I got to thinking I missed some of those Nicole Kidman pictures of yours & I guess while I was logged into your hard drive something must have went wrong. I guess I should’ve been more careful but you should […]

    “Holy crap!”
    I swear the site was fine when I checked it this morning. It was fine when I left for work. But somewhere between Brownstown and Dearborn, between twelve and twelve:thirty, the HaabWeb server took a giant dump.
    We were down for about eleven hours, as far as I can tell. And the site just popped back up at 11:06 PM EDT. All looks well, all looks unharmed, all looks complete. My thanks to the folks at HaaWeb and NetHosting4U for bringing my baby back to me; and my apologies to the two or three of you who were inconvenienced.