Notice a difference? What do you mean “No”! I’m on vacation — can’t you tell? Don’t I look more tanned? Actually, I shouldn’t, since I’m using my time off just to veg out around the house (so the only glow is from my computer monitor, and of course my skin is used to that already).
    Remarkably, for a vacation, I have no plans to upgrade my computer. I have had some really terrible adventures trying to fix my computer during my vacations. But luckily I have no plans at all. I have been doing some stuff around the website though. Namely, I’ve been trying to add more reviews to my DVD reviews page. I exchange e-mails every Monday with a couple old friends, discussing our NetFlix rentals. They’d like to see their reviews added to mine, so I’ve been digging through my old e-mails (dating back to January 2000) to add their comments (which they now regret since they were so superficial and flip).
    It’s interesting to go back through my files. I got to relive getting fired, for instance. And it was funny to read e-mails from March 2000 where I was raving about a new program called Napster!\n    Ah, were we ever that young?
    Anyway, not only have I updated my DVD reviews but I’ve added around forty more.

I had the opportunity to try some items on Burger King’s new menu. First up, the Chicken Whopper (no, I did not “cluck” to get my sandwich). It comes with a sizeable piece of chicken, but it tastes rather bland. Rather than slathering mayonnaise on the bun, BK might try giving the chicken a little spice with some marinade.
    I also tried their tacos. You get two for 99¢ on their new Wendy’s-inspired 99¢ menu. The hard shells were stale, but that’s not much of a surprise since there’s probably not much call for them; but the shells had a nice taste, more like restaurant chips than Taco Bell’s corn taste. Interestingly, hot sauce is already provided, mixed into the lettuce and cheese. The shells might taste nice, but the beef and beans are like a paste. Not bad, but probably not a big draw.

You know, it’s funny the things you think of when you’re crouched in the corner of a darkened booth of the local adult bookstore. It’s almost —
    No. Sorry. That was supposed to be sent to a different webpage.
    What I meant to talk about was the snack machine here at work. As you might imagine, I make frequent visits to it during the day. I think of it as a giving and generous companion. But I still always find it strange the way it’s set up. It’s got six rows (if you don’t count the row of chewing gum on the bottom) with four items on each row. The rows are numbered 1-6; the items have been given even numbers (for no real reason) and are numbered 0-6. But, inexplicably, we’re asked to punch a three digit number into the keypad to select our snack.
    Like I said, there are only six rows of selections, and I know there are less a hundred items in the machine (I haven’t tried them all, but I know). So why are the Fritos on the top left numbered 110 and the ranch-flavored Ruffles right below them numbered 120? Is having me press an unnecessary 1 every time I want Cheetos (#114) supposed to be their way of helping me exercise my pointing finger?
    It’s just silly. And I guess it’s one more of life’s unanswered questions.

“Being fat and physically inactive now has a name–Sedentary Death Syndrome or SeDS. Approximately 2.5 million Americans will die prematurely in the next ten years due to SeDS, a number greater than all alcohol, guns, motor vehicles, illicit drug use and sexual behavior related deaths combined. Research has identified SeDS as the second largest threat to public health (heart disease remains the number one cause of death for Americans) and is expected to add as much as $3 trillion to healthcare costs over ten years, more than twice the tax cut recently passed by the US Senate.”
    Sources: NFPT, NVO, Health Activity Center, and the SeDS press release (in PDF form).
    Therefore it is in your best interests to leave and not come back.

SFG’s response:
    …But….um…I…but I’ve got silly pictures…?

I admit it’s a shame that the extent of my political debate is to upload silly pictures — and I’ve been to university too! So, to make up for my lax understanding of the complexities of international politics, here are a couple links which I’ve found of interest:

Veterans for Common Sense

…More to come.

I learned something interesting today. Two things, actually. The first, chronologically, was that there are no “Saddam Hussein Dance” pages (whereas there are several Bush Dance pages), so I was forced to make my own (crude) animated GIF. The second thing is that getting animated GIFs to look good in Internet Explorer is very difficult. […]