This just proves what a low-rent operation those Islamic fundamentalists have got going. They didn’t even secure the rights to! Look at it — it’s just sitting there unused.
    Sheesh, what a bunch of amateurs.
    The same appears to be true for and is up and running, but they appear to be a splinter cell with their own unrelated goals.

Evidently there is such a thing as the Female Fat Admirer, or a woman who likes big men. Previously thought to exist only in mythology, FFAs can reportedly be found at this website (which could quickly become my new favorite place on the Web). You can read more about them at Dimensions Magazine.
    It figures that while such a creature may truly exist, no one told me about them. *Sigh*, it’s like high school all over again.
    P.S. Along the way I found this other website, Beer Guts: UK.

Just read this on IMDB: “CBS on Thursday yanked a commercial for Gateway Computers that showed consumers how to copy music legally over the Internet and called for them to urge their representatives to vote against rules requiring computer manufacturers to include anti-piracy devices in their products. CBS favors such devices.”     I find […]

  • It’s about time the Iraqi sandstorms dissipated so the coalition forces can get going again. And if it’s true that the Iraqis are posing as civilians to ambush our troops, then I, although a wimpy peacenik dove, give our men and women my blessing to bomb the crap out of whatever they want to over there. If civilians get hit, then so be it; serves them right for having complete bastards as leaders.
        Maintaining rules and decorum in that kind of environment is foolish. We say this is a war of liberation, but the last thing we need is to fight like the Redcoats.

  • Have you heard the latest quote for President Bush. It sounds like he’s conducting a news conferences on an exercise bike.

        Or maybe it was a jump rope. Either way, he sounds cranky; so maybe President Bush shouldn’t hold news conferences at the same time he’s working out.

  • There’s a funny-smelling container in the work fridge. Is there such a thing as a Thai dinner that uses baloney?
  • Now I’m conflicted. I do everything TV and movie celebrities tell me to do — but I also base my life around weblogs. So what am I to do with “Boycott”? Here’s their list of celebrities to boycott; and here’s their list of celebrities, or more appropriately, country singers, they approve of.
        I guess Danté had it right. It looks like I’d rather keep watching the Cons than follow the Pros. But at least we know these webmasters won’t be up before the HUAC.

  • Dial the 1. Dial the 1. DIAL THE 1! If you’re calling a long distance number, for the love of God remember to DIAL THE 1!!!
  • I’m sleepy.

I was wondering if any of our fighting men and women overseas had web pages. I got my answer from CNN, which had an article about war blogs today. They’ve also done my work for me since I can just steal their links, add a couple of my own, and make it look like this is a real-live brand-new entry.
    So, say something havocky and let’s link the blogs of war. (…Although, please keep in mind these sites are understandably being visited frequently and heavily, so you may experience problems connecting.)

Sgt Stryker
Lt Smash
Primary Main Objective
A Minute Longer: A Soldier’s Tale
Blogs of War

If I’m going to insist on writing entries on the Iraq war, perhaps it would be more appropriate to confine things to the narrow scope of this site: namely, what are our soldiers eating. Evidently they are eating quite well. Meals Ready to Eat, or MREs, were derided as “Meals Rejected by Ethiopians” during the first Gulf war, but today’s MRE and the new improved MRE-Plus are healthier than ever, with a much better variety. Some meals can even be heated up through a water and magnesium combination. (An MRE FAQ can be found in Google’s newsgroup section.)
    The soldiers especially like the desserts, such as chocolate bars and Chiclets, which are tradable. “‘Beef stew’ is a favorite, because it includes jalape�o cheese spread, which soldiers prefer to fortified peanut butter,” according to one article. The meals also come with a small bottle of Tabasco. Says Specialist Kelly Rowland, “Tabasco saves everything.”
    What were once C-rations served in cans are now packaged in easily transportable pouches. These packets are even available online, so you can eat just like our soldiers do.
    Here are a few store links:

IMS Plus
Long Life Food Depot
Meyers Custom Supply
Brigade Quartermasters

    This is just a small sampling of stores selling MREs found during a brief search. (Inclusion here should not be interpreted as an endorsement, since I have not ordered anything from the above sites.)

One of my favorite non-food-related days is underway. Oscar Sunday. I’ve already watched five hours of E!’s coverage and am all set for more. I guess I’m required to list my picks, but I really don’t want to. There are a couple (supporting) categories where the competition is so strong I simply want to let the drama play out on its own.
    There’s talk of a Chicago sweep, which might take the fun out of the suspense, but unlike most sweeps, this is one that won’t bother me.
    As much as I love Nicole Kidman, I’d prefer she didn’t win. She was very good in The Hours but she’s hardly the lead, and it feels like she’s getting votes just for being (and looking like) Nicole Kidman. Similar to my lack of enthusiasm for a Jack Nicholson win. I’d like to see Adaptation win for adapted screenplay (the ending is a letdown but the script is so beautifully and intricately layered). I’d like to see The Two Towers get art direction and special effects awards (and write-in landslides for costumes and make-up). And I’m looking forward to seeing U2 perform.
    Whoops — commercial’s over! Back to the TV…

I might perhaps appear to be web savvy — having my own domains and a seldom used message board and all — but I’m really not. There’s a ton of stuff about which I’m quite cluefree. One thing I’m curious about is why some of my junk e-mail has gibberish in the subject header. It will start by saying something like “How to Pay Less Taxes Legally” which will then be followed by “rrBx“. Anybody know why that is? For example, here’s a sampling from today’s junk mail.

How to Pay Less Taxes Legally   rrBx
Need More E n e r g y?   7775iHBy3-168Bmgw9190WTrm-24
Printer Cartridges – Save up to 80% – Inkjet & Laser Toners   zvpxrl^fubegsngthl(pbz
.COM .NET .BIZ .INFO .NAME all for $14.95   4312czOJ0–9
Mickey Refinance your home now .. Rates are down   jdz xgjwd
mickey Bigger Than Napster – Download FREE Games Now!!   tmkpd

I’m not complaining, since it makes it easy to spot what to delete; I’m just curious. Is it code? Am I being sworn at? Is it a glitch in Microsoft’s Junk Emailer XP? Anybody know?
    Yeah, I know this is trivial. But I’ve just come back from a funeral, I’ve written too many war entries, and I feel like looking for something trivial.

I’m glad to read that the Senate backs the House in supporting our troops. That’s a relief to all concerned, I’m sure. I’m glad our elected leaders took the time to write up that resolution, since their stance was so uncertain. I find it quite bizarre how “We Support Our Troops” is the counter-response to the “No War” contingent. As if those who are opposed to the war are incapable of supporting the troops too. In fact, I’d say those opposed have the best interests of the troops at heart, since they’re the ones who don’t want to put troops in harm’s way to begin with.
    But now I’m conflicted. Sure, I think we could’ve dealt with Iraq in better and more diplomatic ways. But, dang it, I sure do like to see stuff ’splode…

<- insert various explosion noises here ->

“That blowed up gooood!”

    Incidentally, some video of President Bush being groomed prior to his address on Wednesday was “accidentally” fed to the networks. It shows him in a less than serious light, and is causing the same kind of flap as President Reagan’s unfortunate “outlaw Russia” joke. Some of that video is available from this link.   [3:47 PM]

Update: The video file has been removed from the above link. A short version can be viewed at The Smoking Gun. The longer version can be downloaded from What Really