It’s too much of a cliché to write “Best. Site. Ever.” So I’ll simply say that this site is hypnotic.
    I just can’t look away!   Behold the Fairy Dance*

    * Sorry. I only recently viewed this page with audio. I didn’t know it had that annoyingly sped-up song in the background.
    Does Roger Miller’s estate know his music is being treated so crudely? Since, as I’m sure you already know, the song is called “Whistle-Stop” and was featured in Disney’s animated Robin Hood (1973).

In the great tradition of Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell, a group of Michigan youths have once again banded to put together a homemade horror movie. Having kidded myself that I might one day make a movie, this kind of stuff has always fired my imagination. The film, Dead/Undead, got a nice write-up in today’s Detroit Free Press, and it’s showing tonight at Royal Oak’s Main Art Theatre.
    You can read more about the movie at and about the filmmakers’ next projects at Devonshire Studios. Several MP3s of the movie’s effectively creepy soundtrack are also available at the official site.

From the Detroit Free Press

They used to call it a Big Mac Attack. It seems nothing will be keep people from going to McDonald’s, as evidenced by these two news stories. First there’s this man, who wanted McDonald’s so bad he didn’t bother putting on pants and was arrested for indecent exposure. Or this three-year-old who would not take “No” for answer and left his house to go walking to a McDonald’s. (A passing motorist, Chester Pryor, stopped to help the boy across the street. “The boy didn’t know his address or his parents’ names,” the article reads. “He just kept leading Pryor down the sidewalk. ‘When we got to McDonald’s, he said, “We made it, we made it,”‘ Pryor said.” Kind of touching, in a way.)
    And dang it, now I made myself hungry!
    P.S. Here’s today’s expression of the day. Hats off to for referring to Fark users as “The Great Unlaid”.

Over the last couple weeks I’ve been working on a couple other blogs, and during that time I’ve become more and more dissatisfied with the SFG server. It’s hard to miss the grunts and groans when it tries to load a page, or the popping sound in its knees when you make it get up and fetch a new page, or the huffing and puffing when you try and open up an archives list.
    The old server is too set in its ways to change its diet. But I was able to perform some liposuction on it last night and today. Yes, I know that’s a temporary and cosmetic change. Yes, I know that a lifestyle change is more desirable. But at least I figured out a way to get my DVD Reviews page to load up quickly now. Check it out. The thing flies now.
    By the way, I also followed the tutorial at and created a Photoblog. Now I’ve got one, just like everybody else. It basically hosts the same photos as shown at the bottom of this page, but soon I’ll be adding more. (And that blog loads up faster too.)
    There. See? Now, don’t say I never did anything for you.

I’m full of pork-fried rice and unable to concentrate on a new entry. So why not post several. For starters, how about Battle of the Debbies, as two Debbies submit competing pork-fried rice recipes (now that I’ve mentioned it)

From Debbie’s

And, what the heck, here’s a pork-fried rice recipe from Judy Ann, just to be fair.
    Since I got those recipes from search engines, here’s a nice explanation on why search engines suck (courtesy of
    And, to wrap things up, here’s a photo of bunny, which I took Friday morning…

I have decided today is Fried Chicken Day. So here are some hyperlinks in honor of th day:

KFC – man, I loves the Crispy Strips
(and the KFC Nutritional Guide – fairly pointless under the circumstances)
Popeye’s Chicken – no it does not taste like spinach
Church’s Chicken – now within the White Castle, the mark of quality
KFC Cruelty – KFC’s cruelty and abuse of unfortunately tasty animals
God Made Fried Chicken – a blog which wins a mention because of its cool domain name

I guess there’s an upside to blacklisting.
    You get to see the Dixie Chicks naked…
    I’m unsure about the logic behind it, but this is their response to the backlash and boycott (as shown on next week’s Entertainment Weekly). It doesn’t look like a very sensible way to quell a controversy (that is, if they want to). But I’m not complaining.


Tom Ray, Connoisseur
(From CNN NewsPass Video)

The SFG site would like to salute Tom Ray who has dined at the same Muncie Indiana Burger King for the last 27 years. Every weekday at 11 AM, Mr Ray orders a cheeseburger, fries, coffee, and an apple pie. By his count, he’s had it his way 7,000 times. According to today’s CNN profile (from WRTV), it’s gotten to the point he no longer has to order and the staff prepare his meal in advance.
    Sadly, this Burger King, one of Muncie’s first, will be shutting down on Monday. So tomorrow will mark Mr Ray’s last meal there. The staff have already presented him with a farewell cake, but he still plans to show up on Monday. “Something could happen,” he said, as reported in this Star Press article.

Earlier in the week I got an e-mail alerting me that the latest Windows Upgrade patch, Security Update #811493, does more harm than good. According to’s article, “The patch — which was designed to stave off a buffer overrun that could allow attackers to elevate privilege permissions on users’ machines — ended up slowing some users’ systems to a crawl.” Fortunately, the patch can be easily uninstalled through Add/Remove Programs (it’s near the bottom of the list); and Microsoft is at present working on a patch for their patch.
    My computer has been running awkwardly of late, and since I’m pretty ardent about downloading the latest updates I thought this 811493 patch might be the culprit. As it turned out, I had not downloaded it yet, so the cause of my problems lay elsewhere. In fact, it looked like it might be as simple as creating more room on my C: drive for Windows’ swap file. Which brings me to my next tech alert. After uninstalling several seldom used programs and defragging my drive, I began noticing problems with Internet Explorer. I inexplicably lost the ablity to Open Links in a New Window. The new browser window would pop up, but no new page would load and the browser would crash.
    I tried reinstalling (which is how I think I solved the problem at work, some time ago, when I first discovered this behavior), but since my browser was up-to-date here at home the IE installer refused to run. I found out though there is another solution to fix this strangely recurring problem. It worked for me, so perhaps it might be of use to you as well.
    And speaking of tech problems, my homepage counter dropped three thousand hits last night!
    P.S. After publishing the above, I also discovered my computer’s clock was an hour ahead.

According to our calendar, today is Administrative Professionals Day. I’ve never heard of that before — which I would attribute to bad marketing — and I can’t help wondering if having Administrative Professionals Day today is Corporate America®’s way of having the last word after Earth Day.     Actually, today is the celebration of […]