It was my great pleasure to attend the Detroit Symphony Orchestra’s benefit concert on Saturday, June 14 2014. John Williams conducted, with special guest Steven Spielberg acting as host. I was unable to get tickets when they first went on sale, back in April, and StubHub prices were as high as $1400. Luckily a few dozen “artist hold” tickets were released the Wednesday before the concert and I snapped one up as soon as I could.
    Instead of feeling daunted at spending so much money for a main floor seat, I felt a wave of elation upon placing my order and knew I’d made the right choice.
    My seat was off to the side, but it was close. The orchestra sounded excellent and it was incredible to see my two heroes on stage.
    There was no announcement about no photography or recording, since they probably knew how futile it would be, so here’s some of what I shot…