Irritatingly, I had to work on Oscar night and had to stay up all night afterward to watch the show, just to nothing wouldn’t get spoiled for me. I added a half-hour to the recording, just to play it safe, but it still ended right before the Best Picture announcement! I had to catch the end via YouTube clips.
    I have to say I’m pretty disappointed with this year’s Oscars. NPH is usually effortless but he seemed pretty tentative, at least at the outset. I was pleased by Patricia Arquette getting Best Supporting, Grand Budapest for Best Score, and the Whiplash wins. But … the one thing I read about Interstellar was that the music was too loud and drowned out the dialogue; yet it gets Best Sound Mixing. The more I read from the Alan Turing: The Enigma book the more I think its script was an overly simplified work of fiction, yet it gets Best Adapted Screenplay. And since Oscar loves the depiction of debilitating illness, you could predict the wins for Julianne Moore and Eddie Redmayne. Finally, choosing Birdman over Boyhood is another example of going for clever rather than good, style over substance. Bah.
    P.S.: The parentheses in the Birdman subtitle are in the wrong place. It makes it look like the title is Birdman or.